Tuesday, October 22, 8:20 pm

Join us after Yoga for All class for Kirtan, sacred chant.  Eric will play harmonium and lead the call and response chanting.  Simple percussion intruments will be available.

KIRTAN is the yoga practice of immersing oneself in the ancient sound vibrations of sacred mantras. It is a participatory experience, uniting the audience and the performer in the chant, bringing about inner awareness and contentment. The mantras are primarily in the Sanskrit language, allowing one to experience Kirtan in its original form. The repetition of mantra is a simple and joyful way of calming the mind and experiencing rejuvenation and well being.

We will chant Jaya Ganesha. We plan to repeat Kirtan with this chant for a couple of months in a row to help the participants get comfortable with it (which makes the experience more enjoyable!)

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