Love Is in the Air

Love is in the air.  As we approach Valentine’s Day, typically a celebration of romantic love, you may like to  reflect on love in a broader sense.

We do a simple but profound exercise in yoga.  We sit with the spine straight, close our eyes, and bring our hands into prayer position with the palms and extended fingers pressed together.  The backs of the thumbs rest at the middle of the chest, which is often called “the heart center.” Sitting quietly, we draw our attention internally to the heart center, and we form an intention:  to open our hearts to receive and give unconditional love and to grow more compassionate towards all of humanity.

You might be surprised how meditating on opening your heart and infusing your life with more love can expand the way you think of love. Love can certainly be a tender, deep feeling shared between two people, but it can also be experienced as the ground of your whole being.  Meditating on love brings forth the insight that you are filled with love, and as you live life aiming to become your highest self, you are becoming love.

According to yogic wisdom, if there are unwanted qualities in your nature such as greed, anger or lack of self-discipline, instead waging war against them, which rarely works in the long run, you can cultivate the opposite attribute. Eventually the opposite quality will replace the unwanted one.  It occurs to me that what is opposite of most undesirable qualities is love.

Can’t you imagine the presence of unconditional love dissipating anger?  Won’t love result in giving and sharing and thus annihilate greed?  And when you unleash unconditional love upon yourself, won’t it begin to dissolve negative attitudes about the self that give rise to destructive habits?

Meditating on love, broadening your concept of it, and cultivating it in your heart, could further you on the journey to becoming your highest self.  And this is a gift far, far more precious than roses, chocolates and a Hallmark card.

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