For 17 Years, Still Lake Yoga Has Been the Premier Yoga Center in Clermont

Our friendly, welcoming studio is dedicated to the art and science of yoga. At Still Lake Yoga, you can experience time-honored yoga postures and exercises that truly support your well-being. Our mission is to promote physical and mental health and spiritual growth. Still Lake Yoga is committed to yoga's pure intent and practices. We weave all the traditional components of yoga into each of our classes, including meditation and mindfulness training.

People of any body type or fitness level can enjoy our classes and reap the many benefits. Men and women of all ages and physical abilities are guided to work to their individual edge in our yoga classes. Beginners are always welcome–our teachers will guide you through your first classes with clear instructions. We provide a peaceful, harmonious, non-competitive environment which encourages renewal and inner focus.

Come learn and grow in a safe, inclusive place. We look forward to guiding you on your rewarding journey into the world of yoga.

We Make Attending a Class So Simple

Just attend any class on the current schedule. No online scheduling, no preregistering, and no prepaying! No contracts! Stylish yoga clothes are not necessary! Just be comfortable. Don’t have a yoga mat? No problem. Borrow one at the studio. Simple!

A Sense of Community

Over the past decade and a half, a strong sense of community has been established at Still Lake Yoga. As each student and teacher has shared his or her unique qualities, the identity and direction of our yoga center has taken shape. It has been a beautiful unfolding.

Being there provides friendship and support. I know I’m not the only person, who, when I walk through the door, feels as if I have come home! It is a refuge, a sanctuary, from all the craziness ‘out there.’
— Marjorie


Condition Your Body & Mind

When attending a class at the center, you can expect breathing exercises, asanas (yoga postures), flowing exercise sequences, and a period of deep relaxation. This program conditions your body and focuses your mind, imparting a feeling of wellness, peace, and rejuvenation. And this is only the beginning!

About Us


Still Lake Yoga was founded in 2002 to bring yoga to the Clermont community. Now under new ownership, the studio will be offering many new classes. Stay tuned!

New Students

New To Yoga Or To Our Studio?

We are here to help you realize your goals. Expect to be cared about and respected at Still Lake Yoga.